Our Team

Christine Joy, Founder and Executive Director 

Feb 20, 2020 

I started using crystals in meditation six years ago when I was an MBA student. Soon I was obsessed with crystals and I read many books about crystals and its healing effect. It seems that only a small circle who are already into yoga, meditation and holistic healing use crystals in daily life. Since I have personally benefited so much from the using of crystals, it occurred me to make crystals more mainstream. Therefore in August 2019, I started this non-profit organization dedicated to lead the crystal movement - using crystals to ignite the light within. The education center we are building online will provide resources for the general public for free forever. Especially, I envision the teaching of crystals become an integral part of the general education of the next generation. When they grow up, they want a pair of rose quartz or amethyst earrings, instead of diamond earrings and they know the use of crystals in meditation and holistic healing. 

After I founded the nonprofit, I was looking for ways to fund the education center. I was already making crystal jewelry for myself as a hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire design and making process and it had a meditative effect on me. The a month later, it dawned on me, why don't I sell my handmade jewelry to fund the nonprofit? Unknowingly I already made more than enough for a whole collection. So in September 2019, I released my first collections Flora and Joy. Now I design and make crystal jewelry at my home studio in Silicon Valley and 100% proceeds of crystal jewelry goes to our nonprofit to fund our education center.